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Looking for a Billet

Posted on Tue Apr 16th, 2019 @ 4:20pm by Captain Ronan Channe & Captain Roland Hallowes
Edited on on Sat Apr 20th, 2019 @ 10:38pm

Mission: The Only Easy Day...
Location: SB611 - holodeck
Timeline: 2389/01/18 - 1114

[SB611 - holodeck]

Roland stepped through the holodeck portal and into a typical marine barracks. A set of standard marine combat gear was laid out on the bunk in front of him. Heading straight for the bunk, Roland looked to his right at the sound of footsteps.

"Morning, gunny. What have you got for me today?"

"I called in a favor from my DI in combat school. He helped me put together a combat obstacle course. It has 20 obstacles and 5 skirmishes along the route."

"That explains the combat gear" Roland replied donning the equipment.

"My DI says a flyboy won't be able to do it in under 80 minutes. I say it will take you around 60."

"What's the bet?"

"There's a case of 12 year old single malt for the winner" the gunny replied with a smile.

Wearing the combat gear with a phaser rifle slung over his shoulder Roland walked out of the door behind the gunny and onto the obstacle course.

Roland jogged over to the starting line and looked back at the gunny.


Roland took off at a run, then up an inclined log, across a log bridge and disappeared around a bend. 65 minutes later he ran across the finish line. "Good enough for a case?"

"I think so, Sir" the gunny replied a broad grin spreading across his face.

"What's my schedule like today?" Roland asked returning the smile.

"We'll get to that Sir. I thought you should know that scuttlebutt has it they're putting a crew together for an Onimaru Class ship, called Crazy Horse that's going hunting. Haven't discovered the COs name yet but I do know they're looking for pilots."

"Really" Roland replied his left eyebrow raising. "Computer, arch" Roland commanded as he walked over to the communications console in the arch. Roland tapped the command to open a channel. "Captain Hallowes to the captain of the Crazy Horse" Roland commanded as he adjusted his combat vest.

[USS Crazy Horse / Bridge]

"Sir," the duty officer said as Ronan exited the turbolift en route to his Ready Room, "incoming message for you from a Captain Hallowes."

Ronan nodded, "I'll take it in my Ready Room."

"Aye, Sir," the duty officer said. He was an older man, not one of the arrivals from the Wanderwell, and not given to using gossip to determine his postings. There were rumors about the ship and about its command staff. One dead and the other shipped off in disgrace. Some looked on a member of the Wanderwell's crew as somehow being 'tainted' but he wasn't that sort. No, indeed.

Ronan entered the Ready Room and crossed to his seat behind the desk. The Starfleet logo disappeared as he sat down and Captain Hallowes visage came into view, albeit a sweaty, rumpled version of the usually immaculate Group Commander. "I see you've been busy," he said as he leaned back in his seat, his mouth quirking upward into a smile. "How you been?"

"Channe" Roland replied his voice rising. "Excuse me Com" Roland began again until he noticed the extra pip on Channe's collar. "Captain" Roland continued his voice rising again. "I'm doing fine, sir. Congratulations on the promotion. You're the new CO of the Crazy Horse?"

"Yes, I am," Ronan said, "Pretty much as surprised as you are now when they told me. Baz is my number one and we're soon to be heading into the Delta Quadrant. Taking on crew at the moment."

Roland looked down for a moment while he contemplated what to say. After a few seconds he looked back up at the screen and directly into the eyes of Channe. "I'll be honest with you sir. That's why I contacted you. My old Starfighter group has all been reassigned to different posts. I can't get an answer on where my next billet is, so I've taken a proactive approach to looking for a billet, while I'm flying shuttles for the starbase. Scuttlebutt has it you're looking for pilots."

Ronan nodded, his expression turning serious, as he said, "I'm afraid that's not an unusual situation. Those members of the Wanderwell's crew who tried to transfer have either been forced to accept positions well below their skill level or were politely turned down. There is good news though. Now, the Crazy Horse has ten fighters." He leaned across the desk and came back with a PADD containing all of the technical specifications for the vessel and took a moment to scroll through the data until he found the support vessel list. "We have 2 Valkyries, 5 Javelins, and 2 Gryphons ... all in need of a group commander. Well, all in need of you, if you're willing to take it on."

Roland's face lit up, a smile spreading from ear to ear. "I'm your man sir. Tell me when you want me to report and I'm there" Roland replied. "Although, " he continued the smile fading some "it seems like the top brass are looking for people to blame for what happened on the Wanderwell. So they might not be to pleased with you for giving me this billet."

"As soon as you can get here," Ronan said and his answering smile, rare since the first explosion, was heartfelt. "As for the rest, leave that to me. We're going to set things right." He sighed as the chime on his Ready Room door sounded. "Okay got another meeting to attend. See you on the Crazy Horse. Channe out."


Captain Ronan Channe
Commanding Officer, USS Crazy Horse

Captain Roland Hallowes
Group Commander, USS Crazy Horse


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