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New assignment

Posted on Fri Apr 12th, 2019 @ 11:12pm by Lieutenant Cody Barnett & Captain Ronan Channe

Mission: The Only Easy Day...
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 2389/01/20 - 0800

Cody walked onto the bridge for the first time, his orders told him to report to the Captain, and according to the ship, the captain was on the bridge. As he stepped off the turbolift, Cody called out. "Lieutenant Cody Barnett, new Chief Science Officer, reporting for duty." He said, waiting to be allowed permission to enter the bridge.

The officer on duty rose and turned, smiling at the formality, as he said, "Captain Channe is in the Ready Room. You'll need to report to him, Sir."

"Very well." Said Cody, as he started to make his way over to the ready room area of the USS Crazyhorse. The ship was new, and state of the art. He was looking forward to familiarizing himself with the ship. Cody walked over to the ready room and tapped on the door's intercom button.

"Enter," Ronan said as he rose to his feet. The desk was already cluttered with PADDs, a half-finished cup of Raktajino, and exquisitely crafted combat knife with a polishing cloth draped over the handle.

Cody walked over to the desk of Captain Channe. And snapped to the position of attention. Clenching a data pad in his left hand. With a quick breath consumed, he started to say. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Cody Barnett, reporting for duty." He said, waiting for the standard at ease protocol to be given by Ronan. He stood there, looking all rigid, and professional like. He was trying to make a first good impression.

"Relax, Lieutenant," Ronan said as he gestured toward one of two slightly uncomfortable chairs that faced his desk. He had always wondered, in the years that he'd been required to report in to one commanding officer or another, if that was something Starfleet did intentionally or not. "I understand you're to be our new Chief Science Officer."

"Yes Captain, I am really honored to be here, and given this opportunity." Cody said, trying his best to hold back his enthusiasm. But it was really difficult, he was very excited to be given the chance.

"Our mission will be first contact with a race called the Theori. I suspect not much is known about them but nevertheless, I'd like you to put together a profile on what we do know. You might want to reach out to Intelligence and Medical as well. See what they know."

"I planned on it sir, I will research everything I can on the Theori. And be as prepared as I can be sir. Can not wait to meet the Theori, do you know when we will be departing for Theori home world, sir?"

"We're due," Ronan said as he leaned back in his seat, "to meet the Theori ambassadors on Kartelan Station. I don't know how familiar you are but I'm sure you will be soon enough. We have to reach the Epatha Gateway in the Fourth of July Nebula by the 23rd of February. That's our fifteen-minute window into the Delta Quadrant "

"I'm looking forward to entering the Delta Quadrant, the chance to explore the unknown is dream for a scientist like me." Cody said, with a big grin on his face. He could only imagine, what life was like in the Delta Quadrant.

Ronan found himself smiling in response to the sheer exuberance of the man. "First contact coupled with the potential for ground-breaking technology. I would imagine this will be quite something for the Science department .. and, I suppose, for Engineering as well."

"I can only imagine, how much will learn. Remember Voyager, when she returned. And how much information they gathered, and learned. I can only hope, we keep up that legacy. The breakthrough on nanite technology and holographic technology was incredible." Cody said, wondering what technology they would find.

"From what I hear, our first mission involves artificial gateway technology so you might just get your wish," Ronan said.

"Happy to hear that Captain. May I ask a personal question?" Cody asked, hoping the Captain would say yes.

"Yes, of course," Ronan said as he cocked his head slightly to one side. "What's on your mind?"

"It's nothing to personal sir, my question is this; Have you ever been to the Delta Quadrant sir?" Cody asked, he wanted first hand experience of the Delta Quadrant.

"Yes, I have," Ronan said. "Though its been a long while."

"What's it like sir, the Delta Quadrant?" Cody asked, with excitement in his voice. He found listening to others explaining the delta quadrant, was more revealing than anything he could learn from a holographic recording.

Ronan took his time about answering and then, finally, spoke, his voice turning quiet and relective. "Different but beautiful in its own way. Not as ... built up ... as the Alpha Quadrant and the neighbors are ... problematical. Hirogen. Malon. Raiders. Syndicate. And now the Borg."

"Seems like every quadrant have to deal with the Borg. Their quest for perfection has them reaching out to all quadrants." Cody said, wondering what it was going to be like. Soon enough he would find out. He could not wait!

"Quest for perfection," Ronan repeated, his expression flat. "They destroy worlds and civilizations. They decimate whatever is in their path. How many individual voices will never be heard again because of their quest," Ronan asked. "And yet, as individuals, they are ... victims as well. Consumed. Silenced." He shook his head slightly. "Not to mention their technology which is formidable."

"I'm not suggesting Captain, I like the Borg. Just saying they are in every quadrant. That cannot be helped, but the universe is big. So hopefully we will not cross paths." Cody said, hoping he did not strike a nerve with the Captain.

"That will depend on Starfleet and the Borg, I suppose, "Ronan said. "We aren't going to be anywhere near Borg space but then neither were our colonies in the Round Table. The Borg chose to make their presence felt anyway."

"Lets hope the Borg are not interested in our part of space." Cody said, with a big grin on his face. He hoped they never encountered the Borg. He had no desire, to become a drone.

Ronan nodded his agreement and the room quieted for the barest of moments before he said, "anything else on your mind?"

"A lot of things Captain, but nothing that can not wait, for another time. Maybe a beer at the lounge, or something." Cody said, with a big grin on his face. He was trying to say to the Captain, if he ever wanted to come down to the lounge, he would be welcomed too.

"Perhaps," Ronan said though in truth he was not one to drink anything alcoholic. Given his nature and the potential for problems should he lose control, he'd long ago made the decision that it would be unwise in the extreme. "Well, if there's nothing else, welcome aboard the Crazy Horse."

"Nothing else sir. Permission to take my station." Cody asked, as he snapped to the position of attention. He was eager to get started with his work.

"Permission granted," Ronan said and watched the new Chief Science Officer exit his Ready Room. A thought drifted through his head in the form of a slightly cynical question, 'was I ever that young', and the answer came back almost immediately. No. His captors had robbed him of that.


Captain Ronan Channe
Commanding Officer, USS Crazy Horse

Lieutenant JG Cody Barnett
Chief Science Officer, USS Crazy Horse


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